Gardening Supplies
Grow your garden & brag about your green thumb at Clarks Grain Store
When it is time to garden stop in at either store for supplies to help you make the
most of your vegetables, flowers or herbs.   Both stores carry soil test kits that are
easily used to test the composition of your soils to see what might be needed for a
better yield.  You can add to the soil with a large selection of composts, lime, cow
manure and fertilizer and we have a many different  products by  Coast of Maine,
Jolly Gardener, Pro Mix, Espoma, Fox Farm, and Gardener's Preferred to choose
from.  We also have garden soils and potting mixes including Coast of Maine 'Bar
Harbor Blend' potting soil made with sphagnum peat moss, perlite, enriched
compost and seaweed; this is a premium potting soil for house plants, hanging
baskets, window boxes, and outdoor containers.
This year we will have a large selection of hanging baskets, bedding plants, herbs,
and vegetables for your garden.  Our hanging baskets are locally grown and will add
"WOW" factor to your deck or patio.  In early spring we will start with Pansies, and
other colder weather plants.  In May we start to receive our bedding plants and
vegetables.  Stop in to see our large selections.  For perennials we have Shasta
Daisy, Viola, Beebalm, Hollyhock and Coreopsis.  If you do container gardens we
have the greens to accent your flowers in their pots.
Seeds for 2018 have started to arrive and our seed selection is one of the most complete in the
area!  Whether you plant vegetables, herbs, or flowers both our stores will have what you are
looking for.   We also have in Aspargus, Leeks, Walla Walla Onions, Candy Onions, and Red
Candy Onions.  We will also have seed Potatoes including: Kennebecs, Green Mountains, Yukon
Golds, Russets, Irish Cobblers, Katahdins, Red Norlands, Red Chieftians, Red Pontiacs, Blue,
Fingerlings, and Sweet Potatoes.
We have both herb plants and seeds.  For plants we have parsley both flat leaf & curly
leaf, chives, lemon and elfin thyme,  sage, apple, orange, pineapple peppermint,  
spearmint & both greek & common oregano.
Stop in to add some spice to your garden & life!
Both stores have a selection of bulbs for Gladiolus "Glads", Dahlia,
Iris, Calla Lily, and other lilies.  Add some interesting colors and
textures to your garden this year!  Stop in to see our selection.
We carry  mulch in 3 cu ft bags you choose either Cedar
natural, brown, red or black, Hemlock, Cocoa Shell, or Pine
Bark Nuggets.  If you need tools and supplies to revitalize your
lawn, pasture or wildlife feed plot this is the place to shop.  We
have a complete selection of grass seed and specialty seeds
and also fertilizers, limes, spreaders, soil test kits.
We have watering cans in several sizes, sprinklers, spray
nozzles and hose.

Our stores carry a complete selection
of gardening gloves for all ages.

Chichester - 603.435.8388
Ossipee - 603.539.4006
Mon.-Fri. 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat. 7:00 am - 4:30 pm
Sun. 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
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