A bit of our history......

 Clarks Grain Store in Chichester, New Hampshire was started in
1942 by Gus Clark, a small poultry farmer.  He began the business
by gathering bagged feed orders from other local farmers until he
had enough for a full rail car.  When the freight car arrived, all
would drive down to the rail siding in Pittsfield and team up to
unload and distribute the feed.  In the meantime Gus cleaned
out an old hay barn, built a small loading dock with an office for
himself and began selling feed by the bag right on the farm.
 The business grew steadily with Gus adding other farm supplies
and a delivery service.  In the 1950's Gus turned the business over
to a key employee, Arthur Hurd, and retired.  Arthur promptly
expanded into the bulk feed business serving mostly poultry
farms.  As the poultry industry declined he began to concentrate
more on selling bulk dairy fee.  In 1980 Arthur sold the business to
us.  During the early 1980's dairy business declined due to a
government buy-out program and stiff competition from larger
dairy states.  Ever changing, the business now serves small farms,
backyard farmers, horse and pet owners, and the lawn and garden
needs of home owners.  
 Shortly after buying the business, we moved the store to its
present location out to Route 28, a much heavier traveled road.  A
year or so later we built another store on Route 16 in Ossipee.  
Both stores are very active and growing.  A daughter, Nancy has
joined the business along with her husband Jeremy.  This fits very
nicely as we look towards slowing down and eventually retiring.  
Though there are bound to be changes, we believe the future is
bright for both stores.  Sadly we are losing farms but we are
gaining people.  That adds up to more customers.   

  Thank you for visiting our website,
          Cal & Lois Farnsworth

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seasonal items.