Gardening Supplies
Chickens and other Poultry.
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Turkeys, Ducklings, and Goslings  ordering information or call the store(s).
Large selection of feeders and waterers in our stores.
Poultry supplies in our store.
We have an assortment of feeds to help you with raising and caring for your flock:

Organic Chick Starter, Organic Grower, Organic Layer, and Organic Finish for all breeds
of fowl.

Blue Seal
“HOME FRESH” Chick Starter (Mash or Crumbles) contains complete
nutrition for starting chicks.
Blue Seal
“HOME FRESH” Grow & Show (Pellets or Crumbles) contains complete
nutrition for Pullets & maintenance of pet ducks, geese and game birds.
Blue Seal
“HOME FRESH” Extra Egg (Pellets, Mash, or Crumbles) contains complete
nutrition for laying hens.
Blue Seal
“HOME FRESH” Finish (Pellets) contains complete nutrition for home and
farm production.  Use to finish broilers, capons, roasters, turkeys, ducks and geese.
Blue Seal  
“Scratch” for all types of poultry.

Blue Seal
“HOME FRESH” Multi Flock Game Starter (crumbles) for turkeys,
pheasants, chukars, quail, pigeons, and guinea fowl.
Blue Seal
“HOME FRESH” Multi Flock Starter Grower (pellets or crumbles) can be
used for all types of fowl.
Blue Seal
“HOME FRESH” Multi Flock Breeder (pellets) complete nutrition for turkeys,
ducks, geese, pheasants, chukars, quail, pigeons and guinea fowl.

"NATURE WISE" Chick Starter/Grower  18% Crumbles 25# & 50#
Nutrena "NATURE WISE" Layer 16% Crumble
Nutrena "NATURE WISE" Meat Bird 22% Crumble
Nutrena "NATURE WISE" Scratch Grains

Nutrena "Countryfeeds" Chick Starter/Grower 18% Crumble 25# & 50#
Nutrena "Countryfeeds" Scratch Grain
Guinea fowl in the backyard.
Nest box for your chicken house.
Locally made chicken house with easy access nest boxes, ramp, door on back side.
Golden Hallcross hens in the backyard.
Both our stores have all the supplies you need to get started with your new
chicks.  We have heat lamps, chick starter home(s), feeders, waterers,
vitamins & electrolytes.  
Now is the time to clean your chicken coop for the long winter ahead and we
have hay & shavings for clean bedding.  Remember the cracked corn and
scratch grains to help the keep your birds entertained on snowy afternoons.
We have the new "Chichen Kooler" waterer for all poultry.  Both stores carry
a large selection of feeders, waterers, egg baskets, grit, ground oyster shell,
egg boxes, and just about any you might need to help your flock get
STARTED to help them grow and be happy.
Get tips for raising chickens and  
communicate with other small flock poultry
owners around the country.owners around
the country.
Scoop from the Coop
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We have meal worms and flock blocks to give your hens treats all through the cold months.