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Gardening Supplies
Winter gloves are a must for anyone working outside.   Our stores have one of the best work
glove selections around, including sizes for women and children!  Stop by either store to see
how you can have warm hands when working outdoors.  We carry gloves for all types of activity
including high visibilty work gloves.  We carry "Boss", "Black Stallion", "Magid HandMaster",
Fox River and other name brands.  And we also have winter hats, and feet and hand warmers.
We have tube sand, salt, and ice
melt to help keep your feet on the
ground.  Both stores carry pet
friendly ice melts.
APPLES For Our Friends!!!!!  
Locally grown apples that are good
for pets, animals & people, too!
Remember to have spare fuel cans
for when the electricity goes out
and you need extra fuel for the
We have the products to help keep "Man's best friend warm this winter!
Pet Mate Dog Bed
Dog Gone Smart Pet Bed
Dog Gone Smart Pet Bed Large
Fido Fleece Dog Coat
Dual Comfort Pet Bed
Great Product!
Both stores offer the Dual Comfort Pet Bed made
locally in Nashua, NH by Mountain Ridge Pet.  These
beds are the finest!  Made  to exacting specifications
the Old World Way.  Comfort beyond belief for your
pet.  The only bed of it's kind that incorporates both
eggcrate foam and polyfill comfort in the same bed.  
The special polyfill baffles and 2" eggcrate foam
combines to make the ultimate pet bed.  Machine
washable cover.  Completely made in the USA.  Stop
by and try one out!
The photo above shows the indside of the Dual Comfort Pet Bed with the
eggcrate foam and the polyfill baffle.
For your pet's comfort we also carry a
large assortment of pet coats and
boots, heated beds, heated pet mats,
and heated water dishes.  For safe
transportation of your cat we have an
assortment of Pet Mate Kennel Cabs.
To help your farm animals and pets have water in the winter we
have a selection of solutions including heated dishes and pails,
stock tank heaters and © Behlen Country Insulated 5 gallon bucket.
Mon.-Fri. 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat. 7:00 am - 4:30 pm
Sun. 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Mon. - Sat.  9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Our stores carry a complete
selection of gardening gloves
for all ages.

Chichester - 603.435.8388
Ossipee - 603.539.4006