Gardening Supplies


This time of year our feathered friends enjoy the bird seed and suet that is placed outside for them.  Help them stay healthy
by regularly cleaning your feeders following the manufacturer's instructions or by using mild soap with warm water and rinsing

Remember the hen house - give your chickens extra corn in the winter, it will give them fat to help them stay warm on the long
winter nights.  Plus the yolks will have a rich color.  Also, you can give them sunflower seeds or a compressed seed block;
these will help keep them entertained and add some variation to their diets.

Check your horse's feathers for scratches and take care of these immediately.  Bring in freezable items unless your
barn/tackroom is heated.  Add straw or other bedding to any outdoor dog houses to help keep your dog warm.  

NOTE:  When storing pesticides & herbicides keep them in temperatures between 40 & 100 degrees.  If your garden shed or
barn does not have heat you will want to store them inside in an enclosed container.  The same goes for your fertilizers,
except do not store them in the same container as your pesticides & herbicides.

If you use ice melt on your walkways remember to use a pet friendly brand to protect your pets feet.

To help keep mice & other small rodents out of your shed or barn, store grain and bird seed in metal or chew proof
containers.  Keep traps & poisons out of reach of your pets & children

Always check ice thickness before venturing out it to skate, snowmobile or fish.  
Recommended safe ice thickness for solid clear blue/black pond and lake ice:
2 person on foot
3 in single file
7 1/2 inches..............passenger car (2-ton gross)
8 inches....................light truck (2 1/2-ton gross)
10 inches..................medium truck (3 1/2-ton gross)
12 inches..................heavy truck (8-ton gross)
15 inches..................10 tons
30 inches..................70 tons
36 inches..................110 tons
Strength value of river ice is 15 percent less.

When caring for your house plants or plants that have been brought inside for the winter, remember to look for white flies &
spider mites.  To get rid of these unwanted visitors cover the dirt in the plant pot with foil, fill your sink with warm soapy water,
take the plant turn it upside down and rinse in the soapy water in the sink.  Turn the plant right side up and let dry before
returning to it's favorite spot.  To get rid of aphids or scale use vegetable oil on a cotton swab and wipe off the leaves.  
Remember to mist your Rosemary plant during the winter.
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