Gardening Supplies


Walk your pasture fence line and repair any winter damage before turning animals out for the spring.  We have
a great selection of fencing for all your livestock needs.

Now is a good time to clean your asparagus bed and rototill and fertilize before the spring shoots start.

After the long winter spray your Ornamentals, Flowering Shrubs, Shade and Fruit trees with Dormant Spray to
control Scale, Mites, Fruit Tree Leaf Rollers, Pear Psylla, Fall Army worms and White flies.  Remember to spray
when they are not flowering and when the temperature is under 90!

Start preparing your garden soil for planting with manure, compost and fertilizer.

Remember to bring tender plants in at night or cover them to keep the frost from killing them.

This is the best time of year to lime, fertilize & over seed your lawn.  Our stores have a selection of soil test kits

to help determine the PH of your lawn & garden soils to help with the correct application of lime and fertilizer.   
We also have broadcast spreaders to help you with the care of your lawn.

With the warm days all of your pets will be shedding.  We have shedding blades for your horses, donkeys,

llamas & alpacas.  We have grooming brushes & combs for your cats & dogs.

Remember to check all your pets & animals for fleas and ticks and keep them free of these pests!  Also,
remember to treat their bedding to help control pests.  Another suggestion for tick control is to have a few Guinea
Fowl running around, let your chickens run around, or apply Sevin bug killer to areas close to your house.

Clean and repair any bird houses that could have been damaged over the fall and winter seasons.

Our stores carry a complete selection
of gardening gloves for all ages.

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